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Graphic of a ship - the Leader'ship'Effective Leadership Starts With You.
Let’s face it, ‘leadership’ has two syllables for good reason. There’s you, the ‘Leader’, and then there’s your ‘Ship’. As the Captain, you must be on your game at every turn whether you’re sailing on the breeze, looking to up the ante, navigating your ship through stormy seas; or facing a walk of the plank. The ship’s safe passage relies on you; and your Crew are looking to you for guidance and inspiration. Smart leaders know the helm can be a lonely place without a navigator by their side.
With A Coach On Your Side, It’s Plain Sailing.
Coaching is the #1 strategy successful Leaders are using to help them navigate today’s business landscape and accelerate their leadership capabilities. Coaching helps you define stronger, more measurable goals, map your route, avoid potential icebergs, and steer your ship from where you are now to where you want to be.

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The Why, What & How Of Coaching Answered.
People often ask; what does a coach actually do? It’s hard for people who have never experienced it to understand the incredible tangible benefits that coaching can bring. To help with this, here is our 3-part downloadable fact sheet series.
Why You Need A Coach
What A Coach Actually Does
How Coaching Works

Your Purpose, Values, Character are prioritised

Your Followship Awaits!
When you ‘show up’ with a positive, happy and open-minded character, you not only increase your own creativity and productivity, but you effortlessly create a followship of loyal advocates who love what they do; and aspire to achieve even more. As a determined, world-domination ready leader you know that your actions have a profound effect on the people around you, and that bringing your happy, authentic-self is the key to motivation and success.
two people communicating with a speech bubble from one mouthCommit To Showing Up On Purpose!
To bring your A-game every day takes commitment to your own integrity; and relies on you owning your actions, and decisions. Other areas of your life are just as important in shaping the way you ‘show up’; so it’s important to understand, and take charge of the relationship you have with yourself; over and above anything else.

“Take charge of yourself; you’ll be a happier, more creative, and more effective leader” – Stevie V Brown.

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Reach your leadership potential with THE ChangePRINT; our proprietary coaching framework. THE ChangePRINT begins by identifying your true driving forces, and helps you discover what holds you back, what gets in your way, and what you really want to change. In your 1hr coaching sessions, we will help you design your goals, and bespoke action plan, in a way that taps into your true passions, and fits with how you interact with the world. Throughout your coaching program, you will identify certain aspects of how you operate and communicate that require calibration. We ensure this ‘Workstyle Calibration’ is integral to THE ChangePRINT for Leadership Success.
Step 1. Values & Personality Discovery
Step 2. Status Quo Exploration
Step 3. Roadblock Detection
Step 4. Goal-Finding Dashboard
Step 5. Bespoke Action Pathway
Step 6. Workstyle Calibration
With Our Programs, You Will:
  • Set, clarify and be accountable for achieving your goals
  • Establish your own solutions, strategies & actions without judgement, or subjectivity
  • Broaden your thought-action repertoire
  • Be freed from your own limitations and self-sabotaging beliefs
  • Raise your self-awareness, feel challenged & be held accountable for taking action
  • Spend time with your greatest supporter, motivator, and accelerator!
Take Charge Of Your Future, Invest In Yourself.
Coaching is a commitment to change, and an empowering process that enables you to take charge of your future success. All programs provide exceptional value from which our clients continue to benefit throughout their life. Clients tells us that happiness and success is something you just can’t put a price on!
Coaching Programs For Individuals & Sole Traders
Step Changer
$825 inc. GST
3 x 1hr Coaching Sessions
3 x 30min Progress Calls
Unlimited Email Support
Change Starter Kit
$1,650 inc. GST
6 x 1hr Coaching Sessions
6 x 30min Progress Calls
Unlimited Email Support
Change Starter Kit
Life Changer
$2,475 inc. GST
9 x 1hr Coaching Sessions
9 x 40min Progress Calls
Unlimited Access Support
Priority Response
Change Starter Kit
All Programs Include:
  • Change Starter Kit containing everything you need to get your program off to a good start, and track your progress throughout; including Program Pathway, Powerful Change Questions, and Values & Personality Assessments
  • Access to the Templates Vault containing tools & techniques that you can benefit from for life!
  • 360° Coach & Coachee Feedback Process
  • 30 minute Coaching Call 3 months after your program completes

Ready For World Domination?
Working with Stevie will accelerate the effectiveness of your leadership in the following ways:
  • Greater self-awareness on your terms
  • Clarity of your ideas and challenges
  • Clearly defined authentic goals
  • Challenges solved and actions quickly and efficiently taken
  • Improved satisfaction or motivation where you need it most
  • Goals reached faster than you would have achieved alone
  • Improvement in how you manage your business and your people through your improved communication skills
6 Benefits of Coaching

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“Everything you want is on the other side of fear”
– Jack Canfield.

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Disclaimer: Clients enter into Coaching with the full understanding that they are responsible for creating their own results. In no event will the Coach be liable to the Client for consequential or special damages. Coaching in no way replaces Psychological, Medical, Financial or Legal advice and Clients are fully responsible for the decisions they make and actions they take as a result of coaching intervention, and do so at their own risk. Coaching can be supported with additional research and/or professional psychological, medical, financial or legal advice as appropriate to the Clients’ individual circumstances. The Coach makes no guarantees or warranties, express or implied. Please refer to our ‘Coaching Agreement’ for more details