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Welcome to The Change Starter; a Business Communications Consultancy that helps small businesses grow through the power of effective business communication. Our Communications, Consulting and Coaching services are designed to empower small business owners to communicate the value of what they do with themselves, their teams, and their customers with confidence.

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Hello, I’m Stevie; Professional Coach, Author, and Communication Specialist.

I believe that clear, consistent communication throughout every aspect of a business, sets the direction and conditions for customers, clients, partners and society at large to subscribe to your ‘followship’. Throughout my career, I’ve been privileged to work with many of the world’s largest, most well known brands, and I’ve learnt a thing or two along the way. Now, I want small businesses to gain from my big business experience by setting the right foundations to get them started, and to help them grow with a clear personal vision and confident mindset; a strong brand positioning, a better understanding of their target audience, and great business communications that help them sell their offer to customers, clients and partners alike.

At The Change Starter, we understand small business. After all, we are one (at least for now).


The C-Suite³

To get big, you’ve got to think big. That’s why The Change Starter offers small businesses your very own ‘C-Suite’ of services to the power of 3.

Communication Speech BubblesCOMMUNICATIONS
Communicate your business offer with a strategic marketing plan; and establish a brand that everyone will want to follow. Learn how in our workshops, or let us do it for you.
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Business Consulting Chess KnightCONSULTING
We write strategies & design presentations and documents that enable you to pitch impressively to Investors, Boards, Clients, Customers or Internal Stakeholders.
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Leadership Coaching People TalkingCOACHING
Change your mindset and prepare yourself for entrepreneurship. Broaden your perspective, and action change faster through the power of Coaching.
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