In this high energy, value-packed, and action-oriented half day workshop, you will learn how to develop a strategic marketing plan that will enable you to get more customers and grow your business with confidence.

Workshop Facilitator Stevie V Brown is an experienced, and successful marketer who will take you back to the fundamentals of your business to teach you what you need to do before you put your marketing out to the world. You will walk-away from this session with a defined target audience, a clear point of difference, and a marketing activity plan that will leave you feeling motivated and confident about what to do next to market your business, get more customers, and grow!

Reviews from previous similar Workshops

“I attended a session with Stevie…and it was great! She has so many great ideas and strategies in getting your brand out there and a high level of energy, that keeps it exciting. Looking forward to working with Stevie more in the future. Thanks.” – Tanya Delzotto, Delzo Active
“Thanks Stevie, for an engaging and dynamic marketing workshop – you packed a lot of value into two hours! It was great to have the opportunity to explore the practical application of your Marketing Planning Template – and to see how the formula lent itself so well to all the different businesses in the room. I really enjoyed it!” – Jennifer Moalem, InSpirall, Breakingthrough: Personal & Professional Transformation

During This Workshop, You Will:

  • Identify clear marketing objectives for your business based on understanding the problems marketing can help you solve
  • Discover how to connect with your customers on a deeper emotional level to drive stronger engagement and ultimate loyalty
  • Identify your competitive edge and establish your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
  • Learn the low-budget, cost effective marketing channels and tactics you can use; and start building a strategic marketing plan right there in the room!
  • Take practical actions during the workshop to build an audience profile, develop your USP and write a marketing plan; all using the pre-determined templates provided
  • Receive 1-1 advice from Stevie as she goes around the room to assist each business owner with their specific challenges*

And So Much More!

  • Network! Meet other small business owners and network your way around the room.
  • Pitch! Everyone gets a chance to deliver a 30 second ‘business pitch’ at both the start, and end of the workshop – see how the workshop content will help you improve your pitch in just 4 hours!
  • Money Back Guarantee! Stevie is so confident you’ll improve your pitch from when you arrive to when you leave that if you don’t get a rave review from your peers for your end of workshop pitch, you can return your course materials, and request a refund to the cost of your ticket.

What’s Great About Our Workshops?

  1. HIGH QUALITY, PERSONAL ATTENTION: In this small group of no more than 10, you will learn directly from Stevie who spends time with each business owner, and applies examples based on learning about the types of businesses in the room.
  2. STRUCTURED LEARNING FRAMEWORK: Expertly prepared from years of experience of building brand and marketing strategies for clients, you’ll learn how the professionals do it.
  3. LEARNING APPLICATION: Not only will you learn the principles, you’ll also do the work of applying the learning right there in the room with support from Stevie!
  4. BREAK-THROUGH BARRIERS: Stevie will break-through your barriers and you’ll walk away with a feeling of confidence about implementing your marketing plans.

*STEVIE’S PROMISE: Whilst Stevie endeavours to get around to everyone, there is limited time during the workshop to engage in detail on individual business challenges. To ensure you get the most from the workshop, every attendee can book a BONUS 1 hour follow up session with Stevie following the workshop. Bookings can be made on the day.

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Thursday 9th March 2017

9:00 am – 1:00 pm AEDT


Sydney Room, City Tattersalls Club, 204 Pitt Street, Sydney, NSW 2000