Chess Piece - Knight representing strategy and consulting/kənˈsʌltɪŋ/
“The business of giving expert advice to other professionals”.

Hire A Smart Strategic Thinker To Develop Your Strategy & Presentations

Smart Leaders know that two heads are better than one. When the pressure is on, help is at hand. We provide a strategic brain to research, structure, write and design your marketing pitch documents; from RFI’s and RFPs through to fully fledged strategies. We provide strategic selection and placement of content to convey your message, in a way that engages your audience and inspires action.

Image of Stevie V Brown - "The Change Starter"Very few people can provide the service that Stevie offers. Her unique thinking style combines both logical, strategic thinking and content curation with creative vision and ideation to problem-solve, sense-check, and expand upon existing knowledge. Stevie intuitively applies strategic thinking principles and frameworks to set and nurture the parameters within which to work.
OUTCOMESCheck box to represent outcomes– Professional looking presentation to convince your audience
– Optimum stakeholder alignment – always designed with the end audience in mind
– Solves problems in real time with objective, fresh ideas
– Extra pair of hands when you need it most
– Weekend and evening delivery on request

icon of people watching a presentationPRESENTATION WRITING
We’ll work with existing content and documents to structure & re-design your thinking into a visually compelling presentation for your upcoming deadline.
From $900
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Icon of a compass to represent strategy settingSTRATEGY SETTING & PRESENTATION
We’ll develop a strategy and write the content from scratch; then tailor a presentation accordingly for your prospective client pitch, stakeholder workshop, shareholder or board meeting.
From $2,160
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Icon Representing Workshop FacilitationSTRATEGY WORKSHOPS
Workshops are a fast and effective way to solve problems in real time, bring in fresh, objective thinking; and align stakeholders to a shared vision. They provide a forum for a broad, concentrated mix of expertise, and by engaging an independent facilitator, you can ensure your own expertise is involved in designing solutions. The communication dynamic is positively affected, inviting honest opinion, and garnering more effective outcomes for all.
Tailored Workshops From $,1,440
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Icon of hands holding a boxOUR 3 STEP PROCESS

Praise For Stevie

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