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10 Slides for a Great Investment Pitch Deck

Monday Motivators | Infographics

Check out our infographic that outlines a basic structure for a short, 10 slide pitch deck to get your startup in front of investors!  

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Secrets of Success

Secrets of Success | Woman on Grass with Laptop

When it was discovered that people with an average IQ outperform those with the highest IQs 70% of the time; we were all a little taken aback. How could it be that the age-old acknowledgement that the ‘cleverer’ you are, the more successful you’ll become, could now not be the case? The coaching and personal development […]

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What’s Your Style?

Communication Styles | Building Rapport

Mastering the art of building rapport is a key tool for any business owner wanting to build, improve and maintain relationships with clients in the long-term. There are some basic ways to build rapport, the most useful of which is to take the time to identify and understand the client’s Communication Style. Their style will […]

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5 Reasons April The Giraffe Is The Best Thing On The Internet Right Now

April the Giraffe | YouTube Screenshot | Toys R Us

Take one heavily pregnant giraffe, mix with the intrigue of not knowing exactly when her calf will be born; set up a live feed to YouTube, throw in a couple of sponsors, some branded merchandise, and a set of emoji’s. Then sit back, relax, and watch, as the rest of the world drives mass awareness of […]

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Why Strategy Is Not A Scary Word

strategy - fish swimming around in a bowl with a whiteboard showing their strategy is to swim around

We talk about ‘strategy’ all the time in business and in marketing. Brand strategy, growth strategy, product strategy, distribution strategy, pricing strategy, media strategy, creative strategy, sell strategy… the list goes on. It’s a much over-used word, which has led it to becoming somewhat misunderstood. Many people associate it with complexity and grandiose thinking, which […]

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A 3-Part Framework for achieving New Financial Year Goals

With the tax return on its way out the door, the new fiscal is a great opportunity to re-group, re-think, and realign your new financial year goals. Here are some great tips on how to start the new financial year with the clarity with which you intend to continue! Why is this time of year […]

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5 Strategies For A Winning Presentation

For business leaders looking to up the presentation ante, here are 5 strategies for developing an engaging, convincing and ultimately winning presentation!

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Are You A Negative Nelly or a Positive Paul?

If you tend to think about, talk about, and react to your situation negatively and focus on all the things you don’t like about it, and all the things that could go wrong in the future; then you’re probably a Negative Nelly. Take a leaf out of Positive Paul’s book and start…

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Are You A Hamster?

Everyday ‘life’ has a habit of overshadowing our actual goals and forcing us to leave them behind. It tricks us into thinking that we’ll ‘get around’ to those goals ‘someday’. It makes us feel so ‘busy’ that it becomes easy to just ignore our true goals, and carry on. The problem with this is that…

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In this week’s blog-series I’ll be giving you some insight into the #1 strategy successful people are using to help them excel at all areas of their busy lives, including, and often dominated by, their professional life; and leadership roles.

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Become A Giraffe Part 3

So, here it is, the final part of our 3-part blog-series on Mentors. Discover the answer to the burning question of how to find mentors and get them on board. Enjoy!

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Become A Giraffe Part 2

Who Your Mentors Should Be You’ll know you’ve found a mentor when conversing with them feels a bit uncomfortable. Not because you don’t have great rapport, but because you personally feel out of your depth with the conversation. The whole point about having mentors is to push yourself to the next level, so if you […]

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Become A Giraffe Part 1

You want to achieve something that someone else has already achieved. Sure, you’ll add your own flavour to it, and if you’re really smart, you’ll have a micro-niche; but principally speaking; you’re going to do the same thing they did; so why on earth would you start from scratch?

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Find Out If You’re Richer Than You Think

Wealth Board Showing Money And Prosperity Not Poverty

Rich people have these 6 qualities in abundance. How rich are you really?

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Just Stay In Your Three-Foot World

This post is about a fascinating concept, a lesson from the book “No Hero” by Mark Owen who explains what he learnt as a Navy SEAL special forces fighter. He talks about a time when he was doing his training and he was 200 feet up a rock face in the Las Vegas desert. He looked down, realised […]

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Become An ‘Adaptability Machine’ & Install Stable Strategies

Happy And Sad Smileys Shows Positive Negative Emotions

To succeed, you must be adaptable. You can have the highest intellect, or be the most physically strong, but without adaptability, you will still not survive. Take a look back at your friends from school, where are they now? Did the captain of the sports team make it? Is the ‘straight A’ student now a […]

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