About Us

We help you communicate with confidence.

Our Mission
Our mission is to transform the success of businesses through the power of effective communication. In business, confidence is everything, and communicating with confidence has a proven connection to success. The more confident you feel, the more confidence you exude, and the more effective you can be.

Our Belief
Communication is powerful. When you communicate effectively with yourself, you naturally communicate more effectively with those around you. As a business leader, the people around you pick up on your communication, and the style and attitude you portray passes through your business; ultimately reaching your customers; and driving the perception of your brand.

If your communication is not aligned to your business goals and brand positioning, or worse, your brand positioning reflects a poorly communicated vision; then everyone will feel the effects.

We believe that clear, consistent communication throughout your business sets the direction, culture, and conditions for customers, clients, partners and society at large to subscribe to your ‘followship’.

Clarity, consistency, and confidence in your delivery make it easier for people to do business with you.

What We Do
We help business owners transform into confident entrepreneurs with a clear personal vision and confident mindset; a strong brand positioning, a better understanding of their target audience, and great business communications that help them sell their offer to customers, clients and investors alike. Through the power of effective communication, we can make you a more creative, more confident, and more effective business leader who, in turn, creates a happier, more productive environment within which to thrive.

Our Values
Through a fusion of proprietary planning, communication and coaching tools that start with YOU, The Change Starter operates from the foundations of these firmly held values.

Values - Unwavering Focus, Maximum Clarity, Insatiable Determination

The Results

Lucinda Holdforth reviewed The Change Starter – 5 star
Review posted on 12 Mar 2017
“I have worked closely with Stevie at The Changer Starter for more than a year now. She turns my barely formed ideas into superb presentations, and has transformed me into a far more confident and effective public speaker She is a joy to work with and I recommend her absolutely.”
Jennifer Moalem reviewed The Change Starter5 star
Review posted on 9 Dec 2016

“Thanks Stevie, for an engaging and dynamic marketing workshop last night – you packed a lot of value into two hours! It was great to have the opportunity to explore the practical application of your Marketing Planning Template – and to see how the formula lent itself so well to all the different businesses in the room. I really enjoyed it!”

 Tanya Delzotto reviewed The Change Starter5 star
Review posted on 9 Dec 2016

“I attended a session with Stevie last night and it was great! She has so many great ideas and strategies in getting your brand out there and a high level of energy, that keeps it exciting. Looking forward to working with Stevie more in the future. Thanks.”

Lauren Ann reviewed The Change Starter5 star
Review posted on 22 Mar 2016

“Not only is Stevie great at what she does, but she is easy to work with & flexible yet challenging to get you moving forward both in business & personally. Stevie has a great persona & enthusiasm with everything she does, while maintaining professionalism, being adaptable in her approach & knowledgable in her field. Thank you The Change Starter, that is definitely what you did for me today. I am excited to implement the actionable strategies you taught me & looking forward to working in my new creative space.”