Secrets of Success

Secrets of Success | Woman on Grass with Laptop

When it was discovered that people with an average IQ outperform those with the highest IQs 70% of the time; we were all a little taken aback. How could it be that the age-old acknowledgement that the ‘cleverer’ you are, the more successful you’ll become, could now not be the case? The coaching and personal development world found itself shaken to the core!

Luckily, research is now on hand to fill the void, and answer the question we thought we had already answered; What is the critical factor that sets high achievers apart from the rest of the pack? The answer? Emotional Intelligence aka ‘EQ’. In fact, research by Talentsmart shows that 90% of top performers have a high EQ.

EQ is about how we focus our energy to achieve a result. For the first time, we can acknowledge that having the intellectual capacity to take on a task doesn’t mean you have the skills required to succeed in its execution.

So, the good news is that for the first time in history, we are able to start controlling our ability to succeed just by taking control of how we manage our communication with ourselves (intrapersonal), and with those around us (interpersonal). The bad (?) news is that were can no longer use the excuse that we ‘just aren’t clever enough’!

And whilst we can’t do too much to improve our IQ (unless you have the EQ to make it happen!), we can do a lot to improve our EQ. Great news for all!

Below is a framework showing the core skills that make up EQ. The third area of awareness in our opinion is Extrapersonal Awareness – how well you communicate and manage technology. Where are the areas that you can improve and grow?

EQ Awareness & Behaviours

Intrapersonal Awareness is related to how you communicate with yourself. It is the ability to respond logically and rationally without a tendency to emotional reaction. Under pressure, the ability to use your self-awareness to remain calm, positive and adaptable is key to how high an EQ you demonstrate.

  • How well do you control and manage your intrapersonal communication so as to garner an appropriate behavioural response? Do you react to situations emotionally and immediately, or respond rationally and in a timed manner?

Interpersonal Awareness is related to your ability to understand the context in which you’re communicating, and the personalities, moods and behaviours of those with which you’re communicating. Adapting your communication and responding effectively based on your awareness of others is key to improving and managing your relationships successfully.

  • How well do you manage and navigate interpersonal relationships by applying your awareness of context? Are you able to galvanise people to achieve a shared goal? Can you makes things happen?

Extrapersonal Awareness is related to your ability to understand the opportunities and limitations of technology to communicate on your behalf. Finding ways to use technology to help you get things done, and not get caught up in trying to achieve ‘inbox zero’ is the measure of your extrapersonal awareness.

  • To what extent do you use technology to your advantage? How to do you use it to get things done? How well does it help you organise things in your life? How does it hinder you?

There’s no question that keeping all three areas of awareness in check is for many, their secret to success!

What do you think?

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