What’s Your Style?

Communication Styles | Building Rapport

Mastering the art of building rapport is a key tool for any business owner wanting to build, improve and maintain relationships with clients in the long-term. There are some basic ways to build rapport, the most useful of which is to take the time to identify and understand the client’s Communication Style. Their style will reveal itself in the strengths and challenges of that style, and once identified, the below chart gives you some tactics you can use to build rapport with that person based on their style.

Communication Styles | How to build rapport with clients

It’s important to adjust your own communication style not only according to who you are communicating with, but also in line with context and timing. Some people stick to the same communication style, whilst others will change their style depending on factors such as available time, how they prioritise the subject being discussed, level of trust they already hold with those with whom they are communicating.

Having reviewed the above table, which style do you think is your main communication style? And, can you identify the style some of your clients use? How will you adapt your own style when talking to each of these clients? Why not make a note of each key client, their style and the communication tactics you will use from now on to improve rapport and communication with them. Enjoy!

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