Every single Client I’ve ever coached has the same problem – a perceived lack of resources. They have been waiting to get started until they have more time, more money, or more ability. We all use the ‘excuses’ that we don’t have enough time, we can’t afford to do it; or we’re not ‘ready’ to do it yet. I’ve known people to put things off indefinitely because they think they’re missing one of these resources. It is very common to feel this way, but if we do wait, we will wait forever. So, what’s the solution? It’s as simple as this. We have to make the time, make a plan, believe in ourselves, and just get started.


  • Firstly, write down your goal, and establish how much time you would need to fit into your week in order to take some steps towards it.
  • With the amount of time you require planned out, you can now assess how you use your time at the moment, and look for efficiencies, or ways to swap your time around to make way for the new tasks and habits. Now plan the tasks into your diary, just as if you were scheduling a meeting – invite yourself to the meeting, you are the only attendee required!!
  • Follow the same process with regards to the other perceived missing resources. How much money is truly needed right now to do what you want to do? Assess how your spend money right now, and look for efficiencies, or reduce or remove unnecessary costs. What skill or other resource do you need that you feel you don’t have? What evidence do you have that you are missing this resource? How could you recolve this?

What do you think?

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