Whilst habits and routines make everyday life more efficient and easier to manage, they can also hinder our ability to start change. Pausing life to say; hang on a minute, let me step off this hamster wheel and try something different, not only takes more effort than staying where we are, but it also means leaving our comfort zones. Take a look back through your life and look at your successes. How did you achieve each of these? Did you achieve them by staying where you were, or was each preceded by a step outside your comfort zone? Make some new habits. Nobody ever got successful doing the same thing over and over again each day. We must grow and evolve ourselves, and to do so, we must break free from our routine, and start change.
The actual act of behaviour change out of current habits and into new ones; isn’t an easy process, and it’s not what this post is discussing, but it is certainly a future topic that I can discuss. This post is focussed on taking the first step towards behaviour change, which is to recognise that in order to change, you accept the need to step out of your comfort zone (your usual habitual way of life), and change some of the limiting mindsets and behaviours that have formed that comfort zone. This in itself is a huge step forwards.


  • Start by identifying the habits you want to erase – the ones that don’t serve you well, and are not propelling you towards your goals
  • Now make a list of these, and categorise into the types of habits they are
  • Consider what has driven you to get into these habits, or categories of habit and what would be an alternative positive habit that does serve your goals.
  • Assess how you feel about your comfort zone now, are you ready to step outside of it?

What do you think?

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