When we do decide to make a change, we tend to perceive the act of change as one giant ‘beast’, which quickly overwhelms us and becomes seemingly unconquerable in our minds. Essentially we are setting ourselves up to do too much, leaving us busy, yet unproductive. Expecting too much of ourselves in one short period of time can drive us to frustration, as we experience that ‘where do I even start’ mentality.


  • Don’t take it all on at once! You will achieve more progress and satisfaction by breaking it down into smaller tasks (sometimes referred to as ‘micro goals’), and setting a timeframe for each one.
  • This doesn’t require lots of time or effort! Just pick the ‘dead time’ in your day, such as your daily commute, whilst you wait for a friend to arrive; or when you’re in a queue somewhere! These are perfect moments when you can open the notes app on your phone and just start listing the specific tasks that are needed to reach your overall goal (the change you want to see).
  • Decide how many of these tasks you can achieve in a given timeframe – e.g. 1 task per month, per week, or per day, depending on your personal availability, and the size of each task.
  • ps, if you’re going to need a month per task, break each task down into 4 steps, then complete one step per week within the allocated month.
  • Reward yourself after each task is completed. Something simple, like allowing yourself to watch an extra hour of television, or buying yourself a small treat!

What do you think?

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