This is a short post because barrier #2 is one we can all relate to. It’s the inner voice that tells us we can’t, we shouldn’t, we’re wrong, we’re stupid, there’s no point. The longer we allow this voice to rent a space in our head, the more we start believing and manifesting these ideas through worries and doubts. After a while, we talk ourselves out of it altogether! Fill the space with questions that help you evict doubts and fears quickly and efficiently by focussing your mind on solutions and actions that move you forward; and leave doubts behind.


  • Ask yourself; what is the one small step I could take to move me towards a change in this situation (whatever that niggling problem is that you’re putting up with)?
  • Then ask; If I took this step, what is the worst thing that can happen as a result? If I only took this first step, and didn’t continue with any further steps, what would I have lost, and what would I have gained?
  • If you can live with the worst possible outcome relative to the situation you are experiencing; then stop worrying, and start doing!
  • Each time you want to change something, but doubts and fears raise their ugly head, follow the same framework. Each time you take that first step forward, repeat the framework with the next step. Simple, yet effective!

What do you think?

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