Are You Channelling Your Inner Chameleon?

Leadership Coaching is not for honey badgers, or sloths. It’s for people who can channel their inner chameleon, and become truly open to change. Let’s discuss the differences.

The first post in this blog-series talked about the need to get off the hamster wheel and start integrating your bigger goals into your everyday life. Those of us who liked our hamster wheel and stayed on it, have a honey badger attitude and a sloth behaviour – we don’t really care, we’ll happily just plod along (that’s ok by the way, what you do with your life is entirely up to you, and if you’re happy to be a hamster, you go for it! Forage away!!). In part 2, I discussed the need to focus on the journey ahead, and the positives of what you want, rather than simply complaining about what’s not right, and what you don’t want – again a sloth-like indifference shines through when we choose to be complainers rather than future-thinkers.

In this post, we’ll discuss the need to channel your inner chameleon. In other words, the need to put yourself out there and be open to change. If you know you want to do more, or be more (unlike the sloth), you’ve established what that ‘looks’ like, and you’re open to taking on the journey (unlike honey badger, who simply doesn’t care); then the next step is to be truly adaptable to the changes you may need to make in your mindset and behaviours (just like a chameleon), in order to integrate your personal and business growth into your everyday life.

Ultimately, to reach your destination, you’re going to need a map. And the map you need is no ordinary map. It’s not only a case of just noting down the steps or tasks involved in achieving your goal, then ticking them off one-by-one (although, this highly methodical approach is a proven success factor, and is an essential part of how coaching helps). You need a map that enables you to adapt and embrace different contexts and environments along the way. In other words, you can make all the task lists you like, but without the true desire for change; nothing useful is going to happen. Trust me I know this because I’ve foraged, ‘slothed’ and ‘honey badger’ed’ with the best of them; but luckily my inner chameleon won the battle.

In previous posts, I’ve discussed the need to become an adaptability machine, and the need to install stable strategies to take you where you want to go. I’ve also discussed the importance of being ‘aware’ of the world around you. To become aware, you need to also be a chameleon. You need to adapt and embrace different contexts and environments to enable your awareness to grow.

This is where leadership coaching comes into play. A coach will help you develop your map with confidence, and explore the hamster/sloth/honey badger qualities of which you wish to rid yourself! Once dealt with, a coach will get on the road, help you to navigate the map and stay on course; all the while addressing and embracing the different contexts and environments along the way; increasing your awareness and championing your inner chameleon!

COACHING QUESTIONS You can do these in your head, on a piece of paper, or even leave a comment below.

1. What qualities do you recognise in yourself that represent a hamster, sloth or honey badger attitude or behaviour?

2. What is one thing you can do today to move one of these qualities towards your inner Chameleon?

3. What qualities do you recognise in yourself that represent your inner Chameleon? And how will you prioritise and leverage these in the days and weeks ahead?

What do you think?

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