Are You A Negative Nelly or a Positive Paul?

Leadership Coaching is not for Negative Nellies who focus on what they don’t want, but for Positive Pauls who are ready to focus on what they do want, and to make it happen. Let’s find out which one you are.

If you tend to think about, talk about, and react to your situation negatively and focus on all the things you don’t like about it, and all the things that could go wrong in the future; then you’re probably a Negative Nelly. Take a leaf out of Positive Paul’s book, and start focussing on how you can change what’s happening now into what you want to happen going forward.

We all have places we would like to travel, but doing the research, organising the itinerary, and booking the journey can often seem akin to climbing Mount Everest; but that is because most people only focus positively on the destination itself, neglecting to remember that the journey can be such a wonderful part of the travelling experience; and really should not be overlooked or seen as a negative (ugh, but it’s so hard, it’s so far….).

If you use all your energy just wishing for the trip of a lifetime and never actually getting it booked, then not only do you long for it, you also start feeling frustrated. All the while that these negative feelings are surging through your brain, the time is passing anyway; so the energy you’re expending on longing to be somewhere else, and complaining about the fact that you’re not; is wasted when you could be using it on actually making the trip happen!

Bring this example back to the ‘everyday’ where you’re wishing for the next great thing you want to achieve in your career, but just sitting there getting frustrated as you work through the daily ‘have-to’s’. This can often happen when you’re feeling overworked, and overwhelmed and your list is getting longer, whilst your calendar is becoming more and more colour-coded by the second. Yet, if you spent just 10 minutes clearly defining what you want to do, and another 10 minutes listing out the basic tasks required to achieve it; you would find the clarity in itself provides you with the drive and focus to start ticking things off that list.

Easier said than done though, right? And that’s where a coach comes in handy because even Positive Pauls struggle with taking solid, structured action towards their goals. A Coach will give you a jump start to get you on the road, and they’ll guide you throughout your journey until you reach your destination. But you have to be ready to commit to doing more and getting ahead. You have to commit to being a Positive Paul*!!

So, have you decided which one you are? Are you Negative Nelly, or are you Positive Paul? If you’re pretty sure you’re Nelly, then hopefully this post has got you thinking about some areas of your life in which you could start becoming Paul. If you’re already Paul, then Leadership Coaching could be the answer to the goals you’re thinking of.

* NB – The choice of names for the positive and negative were chosen purely because of their initial letter and the alliteration it provides. Not because people called Nelly are necessarily negative, or because people called Paul are necessarily positive. It is not significant that ‘Nelly’ is generally considered a female name and that ‘Paul’ is generally considered a male name. Seriously, don’t make a thing out of it.

What do you think?

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