In this week’s blog-series I’ll be giving you some insight into the #1 strategy successful people are using to help them excel at all areas of their busy lives, including, and often dominated by, their professional life; and leadership roles.

Major corporates such as IBM, Coca-Cola and Nike have jumped on board, as they’ve realized just how effective this strategy can be in achieving their goals. Not only their outward facing business goals, but their internal goals; such as increasing employee satisfaction, improving productivity, and generally strengthening return on investment of their people and practices, thus ultimately achieving their business goals.

ROI is exceptional
With this strategy, it is reported that individual clients saw a median return of 3.44 times their investment; whilst companies who used this strategy for their employees saw a median return of seven times their initial investment!! With greater demands and fewer resources, many businesses now recognise that they can’t afford NOT to employ a program like this for their employees*.

So, what are we talking about?
Coaching of course! It’s no secret that Coaching has been growing globally year-on-year, and is now the 2nd fastest growing industry to IT.

And what is coaching all about?
Well, there are many types of coaching – life, career, executive, leadership, health, relationship – and the principles of all of them remain the same. Clients present with a problem they’re facing, or an opportunity they want to sieze; and the coach works with them to unravel the problem, turn it into a measurable goal, then work out an action plan to help the client get started and move towards their goal step-by-step, fitting the steps into their everyday life in a manageable fashion.

What’s the difference?
The difference lies in the specific nuance in which the coaching focusses. For example, life coaches tend to work with issues directly related to a client’s personal life, such as improving their social life, or living situation, or planning a move to a new country, for example. A career coach is concerned specifically with clients who want to change jobs, or who want to put a plan in place to move up the corporate ladder. Executive coaches tend to work with C-level executives and focus on their business and leadership goals solely.

What Is Leadership Coaching?
I define myself as a ‘Leadership Coach’, and have my own definition on what this means. I define Leadership Coaching as; “Coaching that is concerned with empowering an individual to become an energised leader of both their personal and professional achievements”.

Simply put, I believe that our personal values, needs and goals are not mutually exclusive from our professional ones. Whilst we all play different roles in different parts of our lives, we all play one consistent role at all times – we’re all human. On a neurological level, we all receive communication, process it, and respond to it. The way in which we receive it, process it, and respond to it is what forms our differences in our mindsets and behaviours.

What does this all mean?
Well, I believe that if an individual wants to perform well professionally, they have to be ‘performing’ well personally. They need to be in charge of themselves, as much as they are in charge of a business, or a team of people. The way we lead a team, the kind of leader we are stems from WHO we are as an individual.

Research tells us that essentially the happier you are, the more productive and creative you will be. Leadership Coaching has the power to improve your life and your happiness, as well as energising you in your role as a business leader.

Come back tomorrow!
Throughout this blog-series, you’ll discover whether Leadership Coaching could be your answer to a more energised, more empowered you; and how coaching will help you to achieve more each day without it feeling like you’ve been hit over the head with a giant never-ending to-do list! Follow us for updates as each blog part is posted!

*Source: ICF Global Coaching Client Study

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