Find Out If You’re Richer Than You Think

Wealth Board Showing Money And Prosperity Not Poverty

Have you ever noticed the differences between friends and colleagues who are ‘rich’ and those who are ‘poor’?

I’m not talking about how much money is in their bank account, but their wealth in life.

Have a think about these qualities of ‘rich’ people; and consider how many of these reflect your approach in life, and how you ‘show up’ to work. Could you change your stance in any one of these areas from ‘poor’ to ‘rich’?

1. Rich people quote others and talk from a place of knowledge. Opinion is good, debate is great, but rich people stick to what they know, not what they don’t. They use facts and knowledge to build their argument, and then overlay and build upon it with their own ‘take’ on the topic.

2. They are open to others helping them. In fact, they actively seek help from others, even those who are less experienced in what they do. Sam Walton, the owner of Walmart, used to spend more time in his competitor’s stores than in his own. He had a level of humility to the extent that he believed he could never know enough about what he was doing, which brings me to the next quality.

3. They are always eager to learn. They absorb knowledge, they’re inquisitive, they are aware. They value new ideas, and discussion; and they never stop seeking more knowledge.

4. They have discipline and order in their lives. Simply put, rich people keep their macro goal in mind at all times. As much as they progress towards their macro goal with meso and micro goals, so too do they ensure that they don’t sabotage their micro goals with anti-goals (i.e. say ‘yes’ to the fruit salad without also saying ‘yes’ to the cream).

5. They are great listeners and observers. They sit back at an exquisite reserve absorbing everything that is going on around them; then speak only when they have something truly new or profound to add to the conversation.

6. They face the truth. They accept the reality of any situation and deal with it. They don’t try to ignore the rules of the game just because they don’t like them. They accept the rules, and leverage them to their own advantage.

COACHING QUESTIONS – You can do these in your head, on a piece of paper, or even leave a comment below.

1. In which of these six qualities are you ‘rich’, and in which are you ‘poor’?

2. What is one thing you can to today to improve your wealth in at least one of these qualities?

What do you think?

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