Just Stay In Your Three-Foot World

This post is about a fascinating concept, a lesson from the book “No Hero” by Mark Owen who explains what he learnt as a Navy SEAL special forces fighter.

He talks about a time when he was doing his training and he was 200 feet up a rock face in the Las Vegas desert. He looked down, realised how far he could fall, and froze under the pressure.

The instructor climbed up to him and told him; “just stay in your three-foot world”. In his panicked state, he could barely think straight, and asked the instructor what on earth he meant by that. The instructor told him to focus on what you can affect. He told him; looking around won’t help you, calculating how far you’re going to fall won’t help you, looking down at the team below won’t help you, looking out at the Strip won’t help you; and I’m not going to help you either.

His point was that the only thing that could help him at that moment was himself. It was up to him to keep climbing that rock. That was the only thing he could control at that moment, and to shun his fear away, he needed to focus solely on the immediate environment that he could control – his three-foot world.

COACHING QUESTIONS – You can do these in your head, on a piece of paper, or even leave a comment below.

1. What is happening for you right now that is causing you to feel fear?

2. What is your current ‘three-foot world’?

3. What would it mean to ‘stay in your three-foot world’ with this situation?

Book summary adapted from Book of the Day by Tai Lopez.

What do you think?

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