You Get What You Deserve

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Do you think you’re aware of what’s going on around you? How aware do you think you are? What score would you give yourself out of 10? I give myself a 6/10 – pretty low really, not what I would have thought it was until I really started to think about it.

When I talk about being aware, I’m talking about general knowledge and observation of the world around you. Do you know, for example, which vitamins do what? What all the functions keys on your keyboard do? Could you name all the current politicians in power? Could you tell me how the stockmarket works? I’m guessing most of you answered ‘no’ to the majority of these.

Join me in my quest to read 1 article per day on a topic that I wouldn’t usually read. Use #oneunlikelyarticle

And as you read that, did you fight in your mind about wanting to ‘prove’ just how aware you are? Did you grapple with your conscience between knowing that you’re not really aware of those things, yet wanting to prove to the world that you know everything? Yep, me too. That’s your ego messing with you. The need to know, the need to be right, and the need to look good.

This week, I’m being honest with myself, and with all of you about my level of awareness. By doing this I’m practicing humility. I know a lot of things about some things (everyone does), but I don’t know everything about all the things (no one does). However, some of the things I don’t know are things that I easily could know if I had taken the time to show an interest in and learn about them.

So, in the spirit of honesty, and awareness, let me tell it how it is. I don’t know what vitamins, or the function keys on my keyboard do; I couldn’t name most of the politicians currently in power, I have no understanding of how the stockmarket works. In a future post, I’ll talk more about the correlation of knowledge to humility, and we’ll come back to what I’ve just admitted to being unaware of because I’m going to take action to change it.

Join me in my quest to read 1 article per day on a topic that I wouldn’t usually read. Use #oneunlikelyarticle

Today’s post is really about how your levels of awareness and observation correlate with your level of what a mentor of mine Tai Lopez calls; ‘your worth a damn / deserve it factor’. So, are you worth a damn? Do you deserve it? Well, have a think back to your school days. Imagine yourself in the classroom with all your classmates, and take a look around. Back then, which kid did you think was going to be the most ‘successful’? The straight A student? The one who always played the lead in the Christmas play? The Captain of the sports team? Yeah, I guess those would be the most obvious choices at first consideration. They were bright, popular, and ambitious. But where are they now? If you don’t know, then you’ve probably got your answer.

A Mensa study showed that those with the highest chance of potential are actually those who make the most observations in the room and notice things that others don’t. The kid that always asked ‘but why?’, ‘but why?, but why’?

Which kid were you? I was the ‘why, why, why’ kid, but has it made me successful? It depends how you define ‘success’, right? Well, arguably to a degree it has; but I haven’t yet reached the peak of how I define my success. So, I guess I have more work to do.

If you were the ‘why, why, why’ kid, ask yourself whether you still are. Or, have you accepted too much as you’ve got older? Have you become ‘purposefully’ ignorant to things around you? I know I have. I’m still just as inquisitive as ever, but I pick and choose what I’m going to be inquisitive about. I don’t seek to expand my knowledge sphere, only increase my knowledge within my existing sphere.

Join me in my quest to read 1 article per day on a topic that I wouldn’t usually read. Use #oneunlikelyarticle

Going back to that classroom, if you had to bet on which kid you predicted would become the wealthiest; or the healthiest; and which one would end up in prison; what criteria would you use to determine each?

I’ll take a bet that you would consider the kid with the lack of focus, and the lack of hard work to be the ‘prison’ kid; and the hard working ones who were balanced and astute to be the highest potential for the ‘wealthiest’ and ‘healthiest’ spots.

But what if the hard working kids had really low awareness? What if they just came off as plain ignorant? And what if that kid who didn’t work hard, and didn’t focus was incredibly aware of the world around them; incredibly wise beyond their years; and incredibly observant; now which of these kids would you bet on?

I would bet on the observant one, the one who seemed wise beyond their years. The one who asked ‘why, why, why’. I would bet on that kid because that kid was me. I didn’t work that hard at school (I did when I got older), I definitely wasn’t focussed (I hated school actually, I found it totally boring), but my goodness was I observant and wise. I knew what was going on around me, how people were interacting, what was going on ‘behind the scenes’. In fact, from the moment I was born, the hospital called me ‘baby brown eyes’ because I was looking around everywhere, and always staring!

Join me in my quest to read 1 article per day on a topic that I wouldn’t usually read. Use #oneunlikelyarticle

So, whilst hard work is certainly a requirement to get where you want to be; just as important is your level of awareness and resulting knowledge of the world around you. When you have a high level of awareness and knowledge, you can give something back to the world. You can become part of the conversation, the debate, and the change we need to see.

It’s what gives you your ‘worth a damn’ score, and it’s what divides you from the people with low awareness who work hard, but don’t give anything back to the world.

Take a look at the wealthiest people in the world. Not only have they given back to the world in what they do (Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg gave us completely new ways to communicate in life and work); but as a result of their success they continue to give back to the world in other ways (in philanthropic terms).

Ultimately in life, you get what you deserve.

COACHING QUESTIONS – You can do these in your head, on a piece of paper, or even leave a comment below.

1. What is one thing you can do today to improve your level of awareness in the world?

2. What could you do this month to demonstrate with actions that you truly deserve the goal you are currently working towards?

Join me in my quest to read 1 article per day on a topic that I wouldn’t usually read; and use #oneunlikelyarticle

One Comment on “You Get What You Deserve

  1. I will just switch off for a moment to help me have some space to think about how far I’ve come from where I was. I was a why why why kid as well, and I am still one but truthfully its been difficult having a balance now. Because its pitched me against a lot of people that don’t share my belief but I’ve learned lately that what others think don’t matter. To the next one just have a lot of stuff I’d love to achieve but am taking it one step at a time.


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